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Fitness - MyoMuscle gym

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Another one of my passions is fitness training at my local gym.  I've trained for over 30 years and I'll be doing it for the next 30 at least!

For some of the benefits of going to the gym

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​If you're interested in starting the gym or changing your current one then the one I use is MyoMuscle in Peterlee and I highly recommend it to anyone.

I've trained at many gyms and MyoMuscle is definitely the best one I have trained at.

​Leighann is the owner and she is so passionate about the gym.  Her team are friendly and helpful.  They focus on helping people to reach their full potential. 


  It has an amazing atmosphere and everyone I have met there are so friendly.


They offer a wide range of classes, equipment and amenities to suit your needs.  They offer training supplements, food orders, clothing and they have personal trainers so they can design the perfect training plan for you.


There's lots of membership options and special offers.


For more information click on the links below for their website and Facebook page.

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  • Click here to see our Facebook page
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MyoMuscle 3.png
Benefis of going to the gym

Benefits of going to the gym

Going to the gym has many amazing benefits and some of them are detailed below.


It's medically proven that people who do regular physical activity have lower risk of:

Coronary heart disease and stroke

Type 2 diabetes

Bowel cancer


Hip fractures



Breast cancer in women


You should consult your Doctor or Physician before starting any exercise program or changing your diet.

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