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Help restore balance to your body, mind and spirit


M.A. Whitley Bay - Reiki

I feel very fortunate to have had a session of Reiki offered through our wellness scheme at work. I have been struggling with a lot of things in life and this has reset me both physically and mentally. Malcolm is very professional and amazing at what he does. I will definitely be planning on another session.


M.K. Ripon - Reiki

Malcolm is truly magical.   Having a Reiki session with him was like nothing I’ve ever had before.  Everything about our journey was explained in an understanding way and everything I was feeling both physically and mentally was carefully noted.  I left our session with clarity and in a sense of deep relaxation.  I would certainly come back for another session. 

H.G. Whitby - Reiki

A half hour session was the most relaxed, calm, and safe I have ever felt.  I became interested in Reiki, and it is everything its hyped up to be – and more.  I have felt like a new woman ever Since the treatment.  Malcolm has such a calming, gentle aura.  I will definitely be back.

T.F. Peterlee - Reiki

I just had a Reiki session today and it was wonderful! Malcolm is very professional and put me straight at ease, during the session I felt like I was floating above my physical body and was filled with warm sensations in my legs. I can highly recommend Malcolm you won't be disappointed, thank you so much for your time and energy.

H.H. Blyth - Reiki

I had an amazing Reiki session with Malcolm. He was friendly and put me at my ease straight away. The hour flew over, I felt very relaxed and calm throughout. After the session, my anxiety was gone, and my mind felt much calmer. I felt balanced and peaceful.

E.R. Newcastle - Reiki

I find it very hard to switch off my mind from everyday life, so I didn’t expect to feel so relaxed during the session. I feel quite energised but in a lovely calm way today.

C.B. Whitley Bay - Reiki

It was lovely to meet you and I very much enjoyed this session.  I feel very relaxed and calm with a lovely sense of peace.

S.M. Wingate - Reiki

The session was lovely. Had a nice atmosphere, felt very comfortable and at ease from the beginning.  My experience was wonderful.

L.J. Peterlee - Reiki

I feel amazing, brand new, and full of recharged positivity.  Thank you so much.

E.B. Hutton Henry - Reiki

Amazing.  I felt so relaxed afterwards.  A few days later I felt so different in a positive way.

A.R. Peterlee - Reiki

I feel relaxed and very chilled.  There was a very calming atmosphere.

R.P. Peterlee - Reiki

I feel relaxed, less anxious and destressed.  I feel brand new.

S.C. Blackhall Rocks - Reiki

I woke up feeling very relaxed and energised.

C.W. North Shields - Reflexology

I very much enjoyed the session, and it is something that I would do again and certainly recommend it to others to benefit their wellbeing.

C.B. Hutton Henry - Reflexology

I've had a few sessions with Malcolm and no matter how stressed I was beforehand, his treatment never fails to leave me calm, de-stressed and completely relaxed.

S.M. Peterlee - Reflexology

Amazing.  It felt as though his hands knew exactly where to go.

B.K. Ellington in Northumberland - Reflexology

I felt extremely relaxed during the session, it helped me to clear my mind for the hour and gave me an insight on Reiki therapy also. Will definitely be booking another session.

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