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The Sacral Chakra

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Sanskrit name Swadhisthana (“your own place”)
Associated colour Orange
Element Water

What it is?
The Sacral Chakra represents our behavioural functions such as our emotions and the emotions of others around us.  It is associated to our sensuality, creativity, and sexual energy.  It is the driving force of allowing you to enjoy life through all the senses.

Where is it?
Close to the Muladhara Chakra, it is located in the lower abdomen about 2 inches below the navel.


When this Chakra is in balance then you will have a feeling of well-being and abundance. You will be aware of your emotions, and you will have enhanced sense of purpose. You will also have a strong sexual desire.

Out of balance?
When there is an imbalance in this Chakra you won’t feel like yourself and will be dependent on others. You could also start to rely on other ‘substances’ to gain easy pleasure. You will be in a negative frame of mind and have a lack of sexual desire. You can also get lost in fantasies to try to forget about reality.

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