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Help restore balance to your body, mind and spirit

What to expect from a Reiki session

How is it performed?

You remain fully clothed and have a choice of a contact or non-contact treatment.  The Reiki is as effective either way as the universal energy flows where it needs to go.

You can lie on a bed or be seated in a chair.

The practitioner will place their hands on or over your body depending on your preference.  The hands are placed on or over specific parts of the body such as the head, shoulders, arms, and legs.  The hand placements will be light, non-invasive and they will never be inappropriate.

What you might experience?

If you have never had Reiki before then the sensations, you feel may be new to you.  The sensations may be different for every person in each of their sessions.

The more you have Reiki and the more your energy flows then the sensations may become stronger.

To begin with the sensations may be subtle or you may have very strong ones from the start. Your first session may be uneventful but overall, you should always experience a comfortable session with a feeling of deep relaxation and a release of stress.


The practitioners' hands can feel either hot or they can feel refreshingly cool.

You may feel pulsations and waves around your body.

You may feel sensations in a different part of your body to where the practitioner is touching you.

After continued sessions of Reiki your wellbeing should improve, you may feel less anxious, less reactive to situations and your sleep pattern may improve.


The health benefits can include:

- Helping you to go into relaxed or a meditative state

- It can stimulate your body’s immune system
- It can promote natural self-healing
- It can relieve pain and tension

- Support the well-being of people receiving traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and kidney dialysis

Setting for a Reiki session

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