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Help restore balance to your body, mind and spirit

About me




I’m Malcolm and I’m very pleased to meet you.  I live in Hutton Henry near Hartlepool.  I manage Namikier Therapies.  I currently work-full during the week for the NHS so I can provide treatments after work hours and on weekends at a time that's suitable for you.

I decided to set up my company to go to your home or premises to treat you, when it suited you.  This means that you can finish your day by relaxing and having a treatment.


I achieved my Reiki and Reflexology qualifications in 2022 and have been providing treatments for clients since then.  I am a Reiki Master and a member of the Reiki Federation.

How did I get into Reiki?

Not everyone knows about or has even heard of Reiki.  It is one of my passions.  It is a powerful treatment which you will know if you have ever had a session.

My wife and I had regular massages, and after deciding that we wanted somewhere closer we found a local practitioner who changed my outlook on complementary therapies.  During the massage I got chatting to her about different topics including Reiki.  Although I knew a little about Reiki, I had never actually experienced it.  About halfway through the massage, she said that she really needed to do Reiki on me.  She did it and wow!  I was hooked immediately.


For more information on Reiki

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One of my other passions is photography.  I love taking pictures of anything beautiful and unique.


Please see some of my photos below.  Click on them to enlarge them.

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