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Reiki for animals

Just like humans, animals can receive Reiki too.  It can help them to relax and relieve them of stress.

Animals don't communicate in the same way as humans and they can sometimes misunderstand our communications and actions.  It is therefore really important not to scare them or make them feel uneasy.


Animals are sometimes more aware of Reiki energy than us.  They may feel the same (or even stronger) sensations than we do.  They can use this understanding to determine if strangers are friendly.  This is why animals will sometimes cower away or bark at people if they sense something they don't like.


Why offer Reiki to animals?

Animals can benefit immensely from Reiki which will help to relieve them of any physical, mental or emotional issues.  It can also help with any behavioural problems.  It can complement and support any veterinary care that they are receiving.


Depending upon the issue, one session may be all that is required or sometimes they may require several.

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