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Help restore balance to your body, mind and spirit


Reflexology is a holistic therapy primarily performed on the feet but can be performed on the hands.

Gentle but firm pressure is applied by the therapist’s thumbs and fingers on certain areas of the client's feet.  These areas known as reflex points correspond with certain parts of the body such as the organs, muscles, tissues, glands, and systems of the body.

This type of session will leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

Consultation form

Please complete the following consultation form before the session.  The form can also be completed in person.

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1 session


Session time

1hr 15mins

This includes consultation and setup time at your premises.

Please see our Special Offers page

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For some of the benefits of Reflexology

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For details on what to do after a Reflexology session

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To download and print the Reflexology consultation PDF form to complete before your session

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If you don't have a PDF reader, download Adobe Acrobat reader

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