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Help restore balance to your body, mind and spirit

What to do before a Reiki session

Relax and reflect

To get the best from Reiki relax for at least 30 minutes before receiving your treatment.  Take time to breathe and reflect.

Acknowledge your emotions and how you are feeling, what thoughts you are having and any physical sensations.

Keep Hydrated

Ensure you are hydrated with water before your session.

We recommend refraining from taking any stimulants such as tea, coffee and sugary or energy drinks at least three hours before your session.

Please ensure that you have not drank any alcohol or have taken any recreational drugs before your session.

Make sure you are comfortable

You will be more comfortable wearing loose clothes.  Don't forget to use the toilet before your session.


Set your intention of what you want to receive from the Reiki session.  You can say an affirmation several times quietly to yourself or aloud.  Something like 'I am ready for healing' or 'my body is ready to use the universal energy to heal me'.


​It's good to keep a journal of how you feel before your session.  You can compare your feelings before and after the treatment.

What to do after a Reiki session

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